Thursday, 17 January 2013

With the cold weather if the heating bill goes up, try & bring the lighting bill down to balance it

Since the turn of the new year the weather hasn't really been very kind to us has it! The temperature has plummeted and with that our heating bills across the land will no doubt swell putting a strain on already tight finances. Of course, its difficult to do a lot about this. There are things you can do such as renewing loft insulation but most of these fixes tend to be large in nature and not really an instant fix (though draught excluder's under the door could be useful).

At a time where we want to keep our energy bills as low as possible but have to have the heating on we need to fall back on other areas to help keep those costs down. A good way to do this is by using low energy light bulbs in your light fittings. I know some people shudder at the thought of low energy bulbs but the technology has moved on quite considerably in the last few years so now you can use an LED version at a 10th of the energy consumption. Or even halogens inside traditional incandescent looking bulbs that would save possibly 25% energy without compromising on look.

The point is we all know our energy bills are going to be high with all this cold weather about but a few subtle changes in your lighting habits could actually help your finances more than you think.

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Monday, 7 January 2013

A Special Offer, CFL Low Energy Household bulbs to clear

As a new year Special Offer we are now clearing our remaining EON low energy CFL bulbs on Ebay only whilst stocks last. These Lamps are the sought after GLS household shape and are 11W (equivalent to conventional 50W versions) They are warm white 2700K (non-dimmable). 

As we have only a small number left we thought we would offer them online as a pack of 4 for £5.99 including delivery to the UK mainland (other areas should contact us through Ebay for shipping prices)

These are on a strictly first come first served basis and are available in both Edison Screw cap (ES / E27)
and Bayonet Cap (BC / B22)